FiVe Valley Guitars

Five Valley Guitars - Calum GaileyMy ambition has always been to build guitars. Now that I can, I intend to build guitars that look stunning and play well. This first model, based on a OM sized body, which I have designed, shows how a little difference in styling can make a big difference in looks and indeed playability. The fanned frets enhance the sound and the balance of the instrument and marries well to the asymmetric body shape. The cutaway is tight, allowing for true access to ALL fretted notes.

The build follows in the footsteps of traditional Spanish guitars and early (golden age) Martins. Using hide glue and all hand tools (except the sound hole and truss rod channel) there is a degree of care over the build that would be impossible to achieve in a factory.

Calum has lived all over Scotland and now resides in Stroud, Gloucestershire, the home of the FiVe Valleys.